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April 30, 2017 Puppies

Groenendael Puppies: Elegance and Powerful

Groenendael puppies – race consists of four different variants, groenendael, laekenois, Malinois and tervueren which under standard were only different in structure and coat color. The breed was originally used as herders and guard dog. In the late 1800s began to take an interest in forming a more homogenous breed and established a breed standard three-coat permitted variations. Breeding led to the breed type and temperament stabilized in the early 1900s. The breed was developed early into a comprehensive user guide and service dog, well suited for most tasks.

Black Coated Groenendael Puppies

Black Coated Groenendael Puppies

Height for males is about 62 cm and females 58 cm. The weight of males is about 25-30 kg and females 20-25 kg. It is a medium size and square dog that should radiate elegance and power. The breed comes in four variants; groenendael puppies is long-haired and black, Tervueren are long-haired and red or gray fawn with black ends, malinois is smooth haired and red fawn and Laekenois is the rough-haired and red fawn with traces of blackening. The groenendael puppies are not a breed that requires no excessive grooming. The coat is designed to “manage” itself. Of course, it should be bathed when it becomes dirty and brushed through once a month and in precipitation.

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Image of: Two Groenendael Puppies
Image of: Toy Groenendael Puppies
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Image of: Groenendael Puppies Pose
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Image of: Black Groenendael Puppies
Image of: Black Coated Groenendael Puppies

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